Bed & Mattress sizes – Queen, King, Cal King, Full & Twin

When it comes to shopping for bedding, whether a bed or a mattress, you need to be conversant not only of the best choices available on the market but also the dimensions or measurements.

It’s not a difficult task to differentiate the most common types and sizes once you have gone through this article.

Of course, you are aware that beds and mattresses come in different dimensions to suit user needs and preferences. Sometimes you need a bed that is only suitable for one person, and sometimes you need a large enough bed to accommodate as many people as possible.

Also, in a case where you are economizing on space, it becomes a factor to consider.

Getting a particular size of mattress would also depend on the size of bed that you already have if you are only after buying a mattress to replace an old one.

What are some of the common bed and mattress sizes that we are going to consider?

  • King or Easter King
  • Queen
  • Cal or California King
  • Full
  • Twin

The above are just the main sizes of beds and mattresses that you can easily find on the market when you are shopping for a bed or mattress.

Let’s now see the dimensions in the bed size chart below!

  1. Chart in Inches
Size/TypeLength (inches)Width (inches)
California King8472
  • Chart in feet
Size /typeLength (Feet)Width (Feet)
California King7.06.0
  • Chart in centimetres (cm)
Size /typeLength (cm)Width (cm)
California King213.5183

From The table above, we can answer the following questions:

How wide is king size bed?

It is the widest of all. The width of a king size bed is 76-inches, and if you need an extra wide space for sleeping, this would be the right choice of a bed to buy.

What is the width of queen bed?

It is not so wide as the previous type. Queen size is only 60-inches wide and is a standard size for anyone that needs a standard size bed.

How to choose the right size

Based on the dimensions above, we can say:

  • The best bed size for couple with children or pets is of course, the largest or the widest. In this case, King or Cal King are the most suitable options to go for.
  • Twin size is only good for children or single adults.
  • California King is the best for tallest people, up to 7-inches.