Top 5 Best Bunkie Bed Boards in 2021

A bunkie bed board is a flat barrier that fits between the mattress and the surface that it rests on. It is usually made of different material; it can be particleboard, plywood or wood. A bunkie board can work with any bed base. May it is box springs, slatted foundation, solid platforms or metal frames, the bunkie board will work for you. The board is crucial because it absorbs the pressure and also provides additional support for your comfort. Bunkie boards are of different types, and each type is designed to provide the support required. Some of the best bunkie bed boards available in the market are:

Zinus Deepak bed board

It is one of the best bunkie bed boards that is strong and sturdy. The board is useful when used with bunk beds, platform beds and even day beds. In addition to that, it can offer additional support to hybrid, memory and spring foams. It is easy to assemble the boards with convenient. The bed board is stable because it has nine legs for support. It has a centre bar that gives additional support.

Beneficial Features

  • Easy to assemble – The bed boards can easily be assembled after purchase. You do not need to have tools for that.
  • It is stable – The bed board has a centre bar and is legged to ensure maximum support
  • It’s durable – Zinus Deepak bed board is durable and strong. It is made of steel, a material that doesn’t trust and will give extended service.

DMI Folding Bunkie Bed Board

The bed board is designed to provide solutions for your mattress. It supports your mattress and prevents it from sagging. It is ideal for kid beds, beds with supportive slats and bunk beds. The bunkie bed board easily folds and can be easily carried. Some features make it be considered as one of the best bunkie bed boards in the market.

Beneficial Features

  • It is portable – the bed boards can be carried from one place to another. It easily folds and is not bulky to move with it.
  • It is vital – The bed board is strong enough to support your mattress. There will be no chances where you will have your mattress sagging and making your bed sunken
  • Can work with different bed frames – DMI folding bunkie bed can be used with day beds, futons, hospital beds and bunkbeds.

Zinus Deepak Wood Slat

The board is best used with bunk beds, daybeds and platform beds. It has a padded tape to ensure that the mattress does not move when you twist and turn in your bed. It also has a steel frame that ensures there will be no noise produced at any time. The product has a compact packaging and is easy to assemble. It is one among many other best bunkie bed boards due to some unique features it contains.

Beneficial Features

  • It is durable – The bed board is strong and sturdy to ensure long-lasting support. It is also made of steel, a material that adds to its durability.
  • It is multipurpose – the bunkie board can be used on bed sand directly on the floor. There will be no much difference as when you will be sleeping on a mattress
  • Easy to assemble – the board is usually in a compact packaging. It is easily assembled to fit in your bed for your mattress support.

Continental Bunkie Bed Board

It is one of the best bunkie bed board designed only to fit a standard-sized bed. It can be used directly to the bed frame because it is strong and sturdy. If your bed slats are damaged or broken, the bunkie board can be used as a replacement. After the purchase, it is directly placed on the bed frame. It does not require any installation or assembly. The board is ideal for bunk beds, day beds and platforms bed.

Beneficial Features

  • No installation required – the bed board does not need to be assembled before use. It is removed directly from the packaging and placed directly on the bed frame.
  • It is strong – The bed board is designed to provide maximum support. It’s also made of a material that doesn’t rust and will serve you for long.
  • Can be used in various beds – Continental bunkie bed board can be used in bunk beds, day beds and platform beds.

DMI Bunkie Bed Board

There are times when you sleep on soft mattresses. The mattress does not provide enough support for your back. DMI bunkie bed board will provide you with the help you need for such a mattress. The board is portable because it can be folded and stored well without taking up much space.

Beneficial Features

  • It is portable – The board is considered one of the best bunkie bed boards because it can be folded and carried from one place to another. The ability to be folded also makes it easy to be stored
  • Can work with various bed frames – The DMI bunkie bed board can be used in bunk beds, platform bed and day beds.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Bunkie Bed Board

For you to purchase the best bunkie bed boards, some factor you should consider are:

  • The size of the mattress – A bed board should fit perfectly to the size of your bed. To measure your mattress’s exact size, you must remove all the bedding and measure from the edge.
  • The size of your Bed- A bunkie bed board size is similar to that of your bed. You should purchase one that fit your bed for maximum comfort.
  • Bed board material – Bunkie bed boards are made of different materials. Depending on your material preference, you can choose one made of plastic, metal or a wooden board.