Top 5 Best Canopy Beds in 2021 Reviews

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Looking for a way to revamp your bedroom? Canopy beds are perfect for when you want to make a clear statement about your style, class, and taste in bedroom décor. Besides their undeniable beauty canopy beds also bring you a sense of warmth and privacy which is conspicuously lacking on other traditional type beds.

This all thanks to their unique design featuring four long posts upon which you can drape soft cotton, sheer or silk material. These types of beds have been around for centuries. Their presence in a bedroom spells wealth. If you are out in search of a way to makeover your bedroom, a canopy bed centerpiece is a brilliant idea.

Here are the top 5 best canopy beds in the market you should consider buying:

1. DHP Modern Canopy Bed

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The DHP Modern Canopy Bed adopts a simplistic approach. But make no mistake, the secret is in the details. It has a metal frame, headboard and base for that traditional edge and maximum support. It is so durable and secure and can hold up to 500 pounds in weight.

The 22 metal slate base is specially designed to enhance coolness and breathability for your mattress during sleep. Feel free to attach fabric over the square poles for added privacy and more warmth during colder seasons.


  • Has a weight limit of 500 pounds
  • Features 22 metal slate base for optimum breathability
  • Comes in gold, grey, white and pink colors
  • Stable and durable frame

2. Zinus Patricia Metal Framed Canopy Bed

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If you are looking for a bed with enough ground to frame space, then this Zinus Patricia Metal Framed Canopy Bed is designed with you in mind. This because it gives you up to 14 Inches of high clearance which you can use for additional storage. It’s modern style and appeal makes it suitable for almost any type of bedroom, be it a guest bedroom, a kids’ bedroom, or a master bedroom.

It features strong base metal slates designed to hold your mattress in place and to keep it from sagging. Its canopy top is the main highlight giving you the freedom to drape material on top during those cold nights or use nothing at all and leave it as it is.


  • Made using a strong and durable industrial metal frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has 14 inches of free under-bed clearance for extra storage
  • Has many metal slates at the base to prevent mattress sagging

3. Mainstays Four Post Canopy Bed

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Available in a sleek and stylish black finish, this Mainstays Four Post Canopy Bed is just what you need to bring elegance into your bedroom. It is designed using a strong metal frame, metal feet and base for additional center support. For prolonged durability of your mattress, this bed features many metal slates that hold the mattress in place and promote breathability for a cool night on those warmer days.

If you want a bed that you can enjoy sleeping on for years and years, then you should seriously consider buying this canopy bed. It comes ready to use so you needn’t add a box spring.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed with strong, durable metal frame, headboard, and feet
  • Help prolong mattress life thanks to many slates on the base
  • A strong bed that continues to offer quality service years after purchase

4. DHP Rosedale Canopy Bed

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Oozing sophistication and class, nothing can beat this masterpiece addition into your room. Feel like royalty each time you step into your room to see this beautiful canopy bed sitting right at the center of your room. By buying this DHP Rosedale Canopy Bed, you get guaranteed strength and stability. It has a timeless design and alluring appeal that makes every bedroom a serene sight to behold.

No need to add curtains over the four posts if you don’t want to. But yet you could add fabric if you want to have your own private sleeping space. Either way, you are sure to enjoy sleeping on it and seeing this beautiful piece every time you come home. Certainly a canopy bed after everyone’s heart.


  • Has a strong and durable four-post metal frame
  • Available in white and black colors
  • Brings a sense of class sophistication into your space
  • Affordable

5. Bakersfield Metal Canopy Bed

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Your bedroom is your happy place. The one place you want to enter from a long day at work and feel a sense of peace and calm. This Bakersfield Metal Canopy Bed is your ticket to the calm you seek and the key to good night’s rest.

A lot of attention went to make sure it is stable and durable. What with a center metal rail holding the slates and additional center legs, this bed can comfortably accommodate up to 500 pounds in weight. No need to add extra reinforcement or a foundation. This canopy bed comes ready to use.


  • Stable and durable
  • Can hold up to 500 pounds in weight
  • Solid construction
  • Doesn’t require extra reinforcement or additional foundation

No doubt, canopy beds are irresistible. A welcome addition to any bedroom. They are timeless, trendy, and comfortable. Just what you need to bid good riddance to those sleepless nights.