Top 5 Best Cooling Mattress Toppers in 2021

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Sometimes, sleeping on a mattress alone is not enough. For more comfort and support, some people want to use a cooling mattress pad or topper. A mattress pad tends to be slightly thinner while a mattress topper is thicker. Both are designed to provide varying levels of cushioning for different sleepers. When you want more cushioning, you will do well by choosing to purchase a mattress topper. When you only need minimal cushioning, you are free to go with a mattress pad.

What a mattress topper and pad have in common is that they have this seemingly supernatural ability to keep your cool through the night. If you are a hot sleeper, then there’s no doubt that a mattress pad or topper could be the end of your woes.

But which pads and toppers do you choose when you go out shopping? Here are a few suggestions you should consider.

1. ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad

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Bid good riddance to sleepless nights the evening you lay this ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad on your bed. Designed with intricate technology and creativity to ensure it doesn’t move off the mattress, that it keeps the body cool and offers support where it is needed the most. 

The pad covering is a mix of spandex, cotton, nylon, and polyester, a concoction of fibers that help keep you cool on a relatively hot night but can also keep you warm on a cold night. Beneath the mattress pad covering is stuffing comprising of hypoallergenic down filling. It contains no flame retardants or chemicals. If you are looking for a floating-like sensation when sleeping, then this high-quality mattress pad is a home run.


  • Designed using hypoallergenic materials
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Thick and comfortable
  • Offers optimum support

2. LEISURE TOWN Cooling Mattress Topper

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It is so smooth and cozy. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before. The second you place this mattress topper on your bed, it’s going to be very hard for you to get up in the morning. The LEISURE TOWN Cooling Mattress Topper is just what you need for relief on those extremely tiring days at work.

This mattress topper is easy to clean and dries pretty fast. It is also designed to enhance breathability, which keeps you from overheating and keeps the topper from retaining odor.


  • Extremely breathable
  • Designed using high quality down filling
  • Is machine washable
  • Has deep pockets that can fit mattresses 8 inches to 21 inches thick

3. Oaskys Mattress Pad Cover

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If you like something more firm and luxurious to lie on, then you’ll be happy you came across this Oaskys mattress pad cover. It is ultra-soft for your body, it has a cooling effect that protects you from sweating and overheating at night, and it looks beautiful on top of your mattress.

This mattress pad contains 100% cotton filling that is distributed evenly across the entire surface area and held intact using diamond design quilting seams. Should you spill something or stain your mattress pad, don’t worry because this mattress pad is machine washable.


  • Easy to install
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable and soft
  • Contains cooling cotton filling

4. TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover

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TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover is built to feel soft against your skin, to keep you cool during warmer seasons, and to keep you from wakefulness which can disrupt or cut off valuable sleep altogether. It contains fiber filling that is designed to promote air circulation throughout the night.  Trough even filling distribution, this mattress pad is one of the few ones out there that will still maintain its shape even after using it for a long time.

Its fluffy feel only goes to add to your comfort. If you happen to wake up with backaches, joint pain, or neck cramps, this TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover might just be the little addition you need to bring in for maximum body support.


  • Breathable and cooling
  • Has soft, well distributed fiber filling
  • Ideal for people with back or joint pain
  • Machine washable

5. eLuxurySupply Thick Mattress Pad

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When on a trip or during your vacation, do you ever notice how comfortable hotel beds feel? Well, enjoy the same level of comfort in your own bedroom with this eLuxurySupply Thick Mattress Pad. It is a much cheaper yet equally rewarding option when you want to add significant firmness to your aging mattress. What’s irresistible about this mattress pad is that it is breathable and feels cool against your skin, just what you need on those unbearably hot nights.

To cater to those sensitive users, this pad only has hypoallergenic fiber filling. The filling is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the mattress pad to offer maximum support for your body.


  • Breathable and cooling
  • Firm and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Has hypoallergenic fiber filling

Mattress pads and toppers are a convenient addition on any bed. If you value your comfort and want to enhance your wellbeing, then the mattress pads and toppers listed above are ideal. It matters not whether you are a back sleeper, a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper, these mattress pads and toppers are sure to serve their purpose for restful nights all year long.