Top 5 Best Folding Floor Mattresses in 2021 Reviews

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We all love comfort in our indoor and outdoor services. Folding floor mattresses give you the comfort that you need. If you are looking to buy a folding mattress whether for your kids, or for travel among other purposes, this review brings to you the top rated brands that you can afford without hassle. Folding or floor mattresses come in with numerous benefits that we are going to discuss even before we bring to you the best products on the market.

Benefits of folding floor mattresses

  • Safe and is a space-saving solution for your apartment and homes.
  • Perfect for little kids and quests since most of them have non-slip bottoms
  • Cheaper compared to other mattresses
  • They are made with versatile designs.
  • They are guaranteed for support and comfort.

Some of the top best folding floor mattresses that we have on our list include the following:

1. Better Habitat CertiPU-US Folding  mattress

It is a folding mattress with a waterproof sheet made of cotton and a non-slip bottom that is water-resistant. It also comes with zippers and premium stitch fasteners. For indoor air quality, it has low VOC emissions. It is safe to use since its cover is hypoallergenic; it blocks dust, bacteria, mildew, and mites to give you a dry and soft feel. It has a 3-inch memory foam that provides support and comfort. Washing of the cover is easy because it is removable and can be washed using a machine. It has 12 years warranty.


  • It is easy to use: just unclip and unfold.
  • Easy to wash its cover since it is removable.
  • It is a twin size; 75*36*3 inches.
  • It has a memory foam that is 100%.
  • Is can be easily carried in a travel bag.
  • It is fire retardant.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Not too thin.


  • The mattress is of higher price.

2. Simmons Beauty Sleep Siesta Floor Mattress

It is a lightweight mattress that provides a lounging solution and a comfortable sleeping space. It has a single mattress and 3-inch memory foam that offers more comfort. It is 12 inches when folded; hence its transportation becomes very easy in a travel bag. The extent of folding also makes it easy to store when not in use. It is easy to remove its cover, which is washable in a machine. When unfolded, the memory machine fully expands within 72 hours; unfold it for some hours before sleeping. The mattress can be used for quest beds, dorms, and playrooms.


  • Very comfortable and soft.
  • Has a greater value for money.
  • It is portable since it folds to fit in a travel bag.
  • Has a mattress stopper hence suitable for the kids too.
  • Has a memory foam that adds to your comfort.
  • Easily washed as the cover is easily removed.


  • Only one person uses it.
  • The mattress is a bit thin.

3. Hazli Waterproof Cotton Folding mattress

It is the most comfortable foam that comes with 100% cotton memory foam. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor services, therefore best used for guests, camping and dorms. It is easily portable since it folds to fit in a travel bag. The memory mattress is designed to give you the best support and comfort in your sleep. It has a non–slip bottom hence can be used on the hard floor and also tiles. Its cover is machine-washable, therefore easy to clean. Hazli Waterproof Cotton mattress is a lightweight and versatile folding machine. When purchasing, it comes with packing straps and a free bag.


  • Easy to clean.
  • It is portable when folded.
  • The non-slip bottom makes it suitable for kids too.
  • It provides excellent support and very comfortable.
  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Available in 3 different sizes for your preferences in size.
  • It has excellent value for your money.


Though with different sizes, the mattress is a bit short.

4. FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon (Shikibuton)

FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futom (Shikibuton) is one of the best mattresses that is 100% cotton, stuffed with100% polyester. It has a 3-volume layer mattress that absorbs sweat very fast, giving you a dry feeling. It is of high quality and is usually comes with a compact compression packing. For your preferences, it comes in two sizes. In the case of traveling, FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futom (Shikibuton) quickly folded to fit in a bag. The mattress is significant and can be used in conjunction with another mattress if you want more comfort.


  • It is effortless to fold and carry in a travel bag.
  • It has an amazingly comfortable.
  • Durability is one of its features.
  • Both  sides can be used for sleeping on.
  • Has great value for your money.


  • It is not as thick as many would like.

5. FBSPORT Memory Foam Floor Mattress

It is a mattress that gives you much support and comfort that you need in your sleep, as it comes with a removable pillow. It measures 72*24*2.3 inch mattress consisting of a 2-inch foam and 1-inch memory foam that adds to your comfort. You are assured of continuous support due to its strong elasticity and high-density foam. It is a multi-purpose mattress that, apart from being used as a mattress, it is also used as a floor mat. It can be used for any indoor and outdoor services such as camping and guests. 


  • The cover is easy to clean as it is washable in a machine.
  • It is a high quality, water-resistant mattress.
  • Has a zipper that is water-resistant for better performance.
  • It is easy to carry for  indoor and outdoor services.
  • Has a non-slip bottom that makes it suitable for kids.
  • Alleviates pains in your body parts due to the presence of pads that reduce pressure points.


  • Sinks when a lot of weight is put into it.

Bottom line

Some of the factors considered when buying a folding floor mattress are:

  • Your need for perfect size-It depends on the type of sleeper you are since some prefer narrow mattresses, and others prefer those that are wide.
  • Ease of moving it in case of outdoor services: Can it be easily folded and carried in your travel bag?
  • The type of folding mattress that you need: With either an innerspring or a memory mattress
  • Warranty and lifespan: You will consider one that serves you for long
  • Budget

You may also want to consider other types of mattresses if you feel you need a different type other than floor or folding types mattresses.