Top 5 Best Leg Elevation Pillows in 2021

Leg elevation pillows are designed to support your legs’ weight, align your spine, and improve blood circulation. Whether you have undergone leg, knee, or hip surgery, injury, or you got any other pain, or need to boost everyday comfort, all you need to do is get one of the best leg elevation pillows.

Unlike the regular pillows, leg elevation pillows will give you exceptional comfort and the relief desired. However, you may be confused about the best leg elevation pillow you should go for due to the many market alternatives. This guide helps you to identify what is best for you, depending on product features and functions. Read through to get your best choice.

1. EBUNG Leg Elevation Pillow

Ebung leg elevation foam is made of memory foam material, white in color, and has a wedge shape. Its measurements (LxWxH) are 24 x 21 x 8 inches, with adequate space on top to move your legs. It’s constructed with the leg structure in mind to keep your leg, hip, and knees perfectly elevated with no struggle. The sturdy and ergonomic design with a soft-wedge makes it useful for home leg therapy. It is well-suited for resting your legs to relieve swelling, edema, attain spine and coccyx alignment, and support your ligaments and muscles. It also provide feet support in situations such as leg injury, postoperative care, during pregnancy, or just for relaxation of your feet during daytime or nighttime. The exciting features that can make you buy this product include:

  • Long-lasting, sturdy material that can maintain its shape over the years.
  • Removable and washable cover that helps you to maintain it clean. The cover is also soft and breathable to help in regulating an optimum temperature.
  • Eco-Friendly material that does not cause any adverse reactions to your body.
  • Appropriate wedge design that correctly supports your legs with appropriate size to fit on your bed.
  • Natural curves that are gently sloping are suitable for giving you the maximum comfort.
  • Suitable for use in both living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Apart from leg elevation, you can use it to elevate your upper body as you perform routine activities like reading a book.

2. Abco Tech Leg Elevation Pillow

Abco Tech Leg Elevation Pillow with Memory Foam Top features a wedge-shaped design measuring 24 x 21 x 8 inches, with the top measuring 12 x 21 x 14 inches. It is one of the best leg elevation pillows made of premium-grade polyurethane foam providing maximum support for your hip, legs, and knees and allows optimal spinal and coccyx alignment. This pillow in multiple uses while you’re resting or sleeping. Exciting features of this product include:

  • High-density premium material with a shape that conforms to your body shape to provide support, promote blood circulation, and relieve conditions like varicose veins and leg cramps.
  • Long-lasting firm polyurethane foam that does not lose shape through sinking over several years of use.
  • It has multiple uses, allowing you to support not only the lower body but also your upper body.
  • A removable cover that is easy to clean is breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic to fit your long-term usage.

3. Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow with Cooling Gel

Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow with Cooling Gel is an ergonomic leg elevation pillow measuring 24 x 21 x 8 inches. It is wedge-shaped, made of a sturdy and high-density foam that provides maximum support for your legs to give you relief from any leg, hip, or knee pain and other numerous home leg therapy needs.  Other distinct features that can make you purchase this product include:

  • It has a breathable and washable cover that allows you to keep it always hygienic.
  • It is sturdy and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy its use over the long-term.
  • It contains a cooling gel that regulates the temperatures to avoid overheating your legs over prolonged use.
  • It has versatile uses other than leg elevation for relaxation, such as a post-surgery pillow and pre/post pregnancy pillow.

4. Allsett Health Leg Elevation Pillow with Cooling Gel

AllseTT Health leg elevation pillow is made of cotton material with a memory foam top made as a high-density foam wedge. It is among the best leg elevation pillows designed to remedy foot and ankle injury, spine and coccyx alignment, ligaments and muscles support, pain relief, and many more. The pillow measures 24″ x 21″ x 8″ and provides adequate space to move your legs on top. Other exciting features of this pillow include:

  • High-density cooling gel memory foam enables you to use the pillow for a long time without overheating.
  • The washable and removable white pillow allows you to keep it clean and match with any decor.
  • The wedged-design provides you with maximum comfort.

5. Xtra-Comfort Leg Elevation Pillow

Xtra-Comfort Leg Elevation Pillow is best-suited for supporting a knee, leg, and ankle after an injury, knee or hip replacement, or any other condition to fasten the healing process.  It is designed to incline and elevate your leg at 35 degrees and knee and calf elevation at 6.5 inches. It has a single-leg elevation cushion to support either of the legs with a broad, contoured channel that accommodates bandages and casts. Other features of this pillow include:

  • High-density foam with a counterweight resistance that provides continuous leg elevation.
  • The soft single-leg elevation cushion provides adequate comfort during an injury.
  • A nonslip fabric cover that is easily washable, soft, and breathable to provide optimum comfort.

Leg elevation pillows have various features, being made of different materials, shapes, and sizes. Their uses range from therapeutic uses to leisure to daily use for elevation during rest and sleep. It’s your turn to select any of the best leg elevation pillows with the help of this guide, depending on your needs and preferences. 

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