Best Metal Headboards in 2021

Believe it or not, something as simple as your bedroom reveals a lot about your personality. If you are a simple kind of person who strays from chaos and always advocates for positivity, one look at your bedroom, and these traits will be quite obvious. No bedroom is complete without a bed. But how much attention do you give to choosing the perfect bed? A bed frame and a mattress are crucial, but what really attracts anyone’s attention is the headboard. If you are looking to add more character to your bedroom is a good headboard. And with that, here are the best metal headboards you should consider buying: 

1. ZIYOO Decorative Metal Headboard

If you own a queen size metal bed and are looking for something super simple, then this ZIYOO Decorative Metal Headboard is going to fit right in. Designed with three slots to attach to your metal bed frame, you have enough provision for a stable grip that won’t have your bed squeaking or falling apart every time you turn or lie in it.

Note that the slots have a 1.18-inch opening that is adjustable, a convenient feature that makes this headboard perfect for almost anyone with a standard queen size metal bed. Another notable thing about this headboard is that it is super easy to assemble, it is made from durable steel material and comes in a simple design that will match any bed.


  • Ideal for a queen size metal bed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from steel material and thus strong and durable
  • Comes in a stylish smooth black finish

2. Modway Serena Rustic Full Metal Headboard

Does your bedroom adopt a more traditional rustic feel? If yes it might be difficult to find a headboard that fits because most of what’s available at the stores lean more towards the trendy, modern style. But the reason why this Modway Serena Rustic Full Metal Headboard easily makes it into this list of best metal headboards is that it presents a different yet viable option.

Adorned in an attractive brown finish, this steel headboard boasts clean lines and curves and has a traditional allure that easily catches anyone’s eyes. If you are looking for a centerpiece to highlight the beauty of your space then this headboard will certainly do the trick.


  • Strong steel construction that is sturdy and supportive
  • Has seven mounting positions to allow for mattress space
  • Measures 57″L x 2″W x 40.5″H
  • It is brown in color

3. Modway Kiana Stainless Steel Headboard

Instantly breathe fresh air in your otherwise pale bedroom by switching your old frame with this one of a kind Modway Kiana Stainless Steel Headboard. The best metal headboards guarantee a firm grip on your bed frame, they have an attractive finish and generally check all your boxes. This Modway Kiana metal headboard has certainly not been left behind.

What with a simple yet irresistible design, sturdy construction, and brown finish, it would fight right in whether you have it in your guest bedroom, a teen’s room, or your own room. Be sure to first measure your frame’s dimension first to see whether or not it is compatible with this headboard.


  • Has a simple traditional design
  • Comes in an attractive brown finish
  • Measures 54″L x 39.5″W x 1″H
  • Made from steel material guaranteeing lasting quality

4. Crosley Whitney Arched Metal Headboard

Are you tired of your bed shaking and producing funny noises every time you sit, lie, or turn on it? If yes, it might be time to look at some of the best metal headboards available in the market. If yours is a king-size bed, you may already know that finding the perfect fit is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But lucky for you, this Crosley Whitney Arched Metal Headboard is going to meet and surpass all your requirements.

The fact that it’s black means that it will match with almost all bed frames that come in any other color in the spectrum. This headboard is easy to assemble and guarantees a strong hold on the frame. This Crosley Whitney Arched Metal Headboard is perfect for you if you are looking to bring in a classic feel into your bedroom.


  • Durable and sturdy steel construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a classic arched design
  • Measures 1.12 inches x 60.75 inches x 55.25 inches

5. Hillsdale Jolie Headboard

Give your bedroom a revamped look and feel with this Hillsdale Jolie Headboard. Finding that headboard that seamlessly works not only with your bed frame but also with the rest of your bedroom décor can be quite difficult. But with this Hillsdale Jolie headboard, you can never go wrong. It’s designed with clean lines, decorative curves, and an elegant white finish that is guaranteed to brighten your mood every time you set foot in your bedroom.

Your ticket to a restful night might just be found in you getting yourself this compact twin size headboard. Even if not for you, this headboard is perfect on a kid’s twin bed or an adult’s twin bed. Its arched design is not only fun but it also effortlessly brings in a modern feel into your bedroom. It is easy to assemble and has a fully welded construction that assures you durability.


  • Welded construction for enhanced sturdiness and durability
  • Has an elegant white finish
  • Features smooth lines and curves for a modern feel
  • Ideal for a twin size bed frame

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