Top 5 Best & Safest Bunk Beds in 2021 Reviews

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Bunk beds must be one of the most innovative ideas that man ever unveiled. With a bunk bed, you save space, and you enjoy convenience. Do you often have several guests coming over for sleepovers at your house? Do you have many kids but little space to fit individual beds? These are two scenarios that hint towards you needing to get yourself a bunk bed.

Contrary to what many perceive, bunk beds have been in existence from as far back as thousands of years ago. While the options available now are far more modern and advanced, the concept of stacking beds on top of each other remains the same.

Here are the top five best and safest bunk beds you should consider purchasing.

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

When you want something solid, sturdy, and durable, then you just described all the good qualities that make the DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed a must-have item in your house. It has a metal frame. The bottom bed is a full-size bed, while the top adjoined bed is a twin size bed.

Its attractive design can complement any bedroom space, be it a guest room, a kids’ room, or a spare bedroom. Note that the top bunk bed is designed to hold weight no more than 200 pounds. The bottom bunk, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 450 pounds.


  • Elegant and beautiful design
  • Has a strong and durable metal frame
  • Features a twin size top bunk and a full-size bottom bunk bed
  • Can accommodate 200 pounds at the top bunk and a maximum of 450 pounds on the bottom bed

Walker Edison Furniture Company Metal bunk bed

It is small enough to fit into a tiny bedroom but large enough to accommodate sizeable twin size mattresses. Are your kids having a hard time sleeping in separate bedrooms? They may be experiencing what’s known as separation anxiety. A good solution to help alleviate the problem could be by getting this Walker Edison Furniture Company Metal bunk bed.

It is easy to assemble and can be separated to make two individual beds. It features a side ladder, and each bed can accommodate no more than 250 pounds of weight.


  • Has a metal frame
  • Each bed can carry a maximum of 250 pounds
  • Both bunk beds can fit twin size mattresses
  • Can be adjusted and separated to become two individually standing beds

Walker Edison Furniture Company Wooden bunk bed

A wooden bunk bed will enhance the allure of any bedroom because of how much contrast it brings. Wood has a natural feel that metal and most other materials lack. This Walker Edison Furniture Company Wooden bunk bed is made of solid and sturdy pine wood which is painted over to give it that glossy finish and to enhance its durability.

The good thing about these bunk beds is that they can be separated into two for when you have plenty of space to fit two self-standing twin size beds. Each bed can comfortably handle a maximum of 250 pounds in weight.


  • Made from strong and durable pine wood
  • The bunk design is adjustable and can become two self-standing twin size beds
  • Can accommodate a maximum weight of 250 pounds
  • Can fit beds 8 inches to 9 inches thick

Dorel Living Twin over Full Wood Bunk Bed

While convenience is a major quality most buyers look for in a bunk bed, safety is also another key element to look at. With this Dorel Living Twin over Full Wood Bunk Bed your safety is assured all thanks to strong guard rails for the bottom bed and a sturdy ladder to use to make your way to the top bed.

This bunk bed design features a top twin size bed and a full-size bottom bed. The design is adjustable for when you have enough bedroom space to fit two stand-alone beds.


  • Made from strong wooden material
  • Features a sturdy ladder and guard rails to enhance safety
  • Features a top twin size bed and a bottom full-size bed
  • Has a weight limit of 165 lbs. for the top bed and 250lbs for the lower bed.

ACME Limbra Bunk Bed

Simple and nice are the first things that come to mind when you first set your eyes on this bunk bed. If you want to carry a simple, minimalistic theme for your guest bedroom or your kid’s bedroom. Then this metal bunk bed design will fit right in. It features two full-size beds complete with guard rails and two ladders on each end. It also has a slate system that is quite effective at keeping your mattresses in place.


  • Made of metal material
  • Features two full-size beds
  • Has two reversible ladders, one on each end to enhance accessibility to the top bed
  • Has a slate system to keep the mattress from slipping

No doubt, a bunk bed is something that should not be missing in any household. From the options listed above, choose that bunk bed design that can guarantee you the most convenience and bring in style into any bedroom space.