Top 5 Best Tortilla Blankets in 2021 Reviews

Do you love Mexican foods and would love to break the monotony of the casual-looking blankets? It’s either burrito, taco, or tortilla.  Get yourself one of the best tortilla blankets and get wrapped up like a huge tortilla as you enjoy the warmth, coziness, and fun that it brings. You can also get one for your lovely baby. Here is a list are the top 5 tortilla blankets that will guide your best choice.

1. Jorbest Burritos Tortilla Blanket 2.0 Double Sided

The double-sided Jorbest Burritos Tortilla Blanket measures 60 inches in diameter with a tortilla pattern. It is made of high-quality 285 grams ultra-soft flannel with a single-layer design and distinct colors that do not fade. Its shape and patterns make it look like a large tortilla making it great fun to have the Burritos blanket.

Being lightweight and soft, it makes it great for covering kids. It is comfortable to use it in the bed, sofa, spreading on the ground, and any other place. Despite the lightweight, it is a warm blanket that brings warmth and fun, being covered in a burrito-like blanket, unlike other typical blankets. It brings comic relief as you look like a walking Burrito. Pets will also enjoy being covered with this blanket.

Its size is reasonably large to cover yourself fully, and it perfectly fit as a gift on any occasion. You can gift your lover, child, parent, friend, or anyone else at any moment, making such a great and unique gift. The cozy and soft design will give comfort worth your token of appreciation.

Jorbest tortilla blanket is washable and maintains its shape and color. Also, you can easily fold up the Burritos Tortilla blanket and carry it wherever you want.

2. Mermaker Burritos Tortilla Blanket 2.0 Double Sided

Mermaker Burritos 71 inches is a double-sided Tortilla Blanket that is made of 285 grams of fuzzy flannel.  It is among the best tortilla blankets with a pattern, measuring 8.5 x 7 x 2.4 inches in dimension and weighs 1.90 pounds. The material used is machine washable, leaves no wrinkles and no fading, allowing you to use it for long as you keep it clean while maintaining tortilla-like patterns.

The mermaker tortilla blanket is suitable for all occasions, including picnics, birthday parties, and many more. It provides you with softness from the two sides, and as you wrap yourself in it, you enjoy looking like a giant tortilla, creating fun for those around you.

The 71-inches size makes this blanket suitable for both kids and adults. It is a perfect gift for young kids and teens who are lovers of tortillas. They will enjoy getting wrapped in a blanket that makes them resemble a giant tortilla.

3. EZLY (70″) Burrito Tortilla Taco Blanket

Ezly 70 inches blanket is a double-sided blanket that is fit for both kids and adults. It is made of 300 grams of Eco-Friendly Fleece fabric, giving it extra coziness and softness that give a perfect feel.

The food blanket makes you resemble edible tortillas, and it is comical using it. Being lightweight and cozy with a gift-worthy packaging, you can offer it as a present to any of your beloved family members or friends. The lightweight also makes it convenient to carry as you go for parties, picnic, or use it as a wearable blanket.

Ezly food blanket is machine washable using cold water followed by gentle cycling then tumble drying on low heat or air drying. It maintains high-quality after washing and allows you to continue enjoying its warmth and coziness with the tortilla pattern.

4. CASOFU Burritos Tortilla Throw Blanket

CASOFU throw blanket, 60 inches, has a Tapestry pattern and is one of the best tortilla blankets for kids, although adults can also use it. It is made of 285 grams of flannel with Eco-friendly dyes that neither fades nor wrinkles on washing. Your love for tortilla-based products is strengthened as you cover yourself in this burrito blanket.

Everyone, including pets in your home, will love being wrapped in this food blanket resembling tortillas. It can be used as a wearable blanket, and you can use it in different places and occasions, including festivals.

The Casofu throw blanket’s high-quality fabric requires minimal care, including machine-washing and drying on low heat with no ironing. With minimal care, you can enjoy long-lasting warmth and softness, giving you the product’s economic viability.

5. LetsFunny Burrito Wrap Novelty Human Blanket

Dark-yellow LetsFunny Burrito wrap, 47 inches, is made with a solid pattern and hypoallergic material suitable for your health.  It is designed with a look of Mexican burrito best suited for the lover of Mexican burrito products.

LetsFunny Burrito wrap is a little thicker than a towel, and you can wrap yourself in it as you undertake your activities and enjoy the soft-feel of its fabric. Apart from this 47-inched tortilla wrap blanket, other such round designs exist in larger diameter sizes of 60, 71, and 80 inches wrap blankets. You can choose the larger diameter sizes that fit your entire body.

You can gift your family and friends with this Burrito wrap to enable them to fulfill their burrito desires as they wrap themselves and look like large burritos. The use of the burrito wrap blankets is fit for both males and females on all occasions that one may desire. You can carry it to your camping site, festive sites, beach, and other locations.

What have you loved about these tortilla blankets? The different designs, colors, sizes, and other features of the best tortilla blankets that have been featured in this review are what you need to consider in getting what you love based on your preferences. And yes, you can start looking like a real burrito!