Top 5 Best Waterproof Picnic Blankets in 2021 Reviews

A romantic date on the grass or an exciting family and friend’s picnic can be suddenly cut short when the blanket you were sitting on gets wet. It could be there was a puddle of water underneath or that the grass had just been watered. If you want to enjoy those quality fun moments with your loved ones on outings and picnics, how about you go with a more functional item to lie or sit on? A waterproof picnic blanket is perfect, don’t you think? You must be just about ready to go get yourself one. But before you step out, here are the best waterproof picnic blankets.

1. Scuddles Picnic Outdoor Blanket

The stripe pattern on this blanket is what manages to get everyone interested in finding out what else it has in store. When it comes to quality, you know you are covered when you see that this Scuddles Picnic Outdoor Blanket is made from waterproof PEVA back cover material.

It comes with a strap to help secure it when folded and not in use. Plus it makes it super easy to carry around over your shoulder. The other amazing thing about this blanket is that it repels dirt and debris. It is, however, easy to clean and will last you years and years’ worth of picnics.


  • Has an attractive stripe design
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to clean

2. Down Under Outdoors Waterproof Blanket

Outdoor events are perfect when you want to take a break and have fun with family and friends. This Down Under Outdoors Waterproof Blanket is just what you need for those special bonding moments. It’s not only fit for picnics but also comes in handy during game events, movie nights, festivals, concerts, and many other outdoor occasions.

This blanket features a waterproof polyester backing and has a durable fleece top that’s quite comfortable to sit or lie on. It only weighs 2.9 lbs. And is much thicker than other waterproof blankets in the market. For extra storage, this blanket has a surprise feature, a zip pocket on the side.


  • Only weighs 2.9 lbs. making it easy for you to carry around
  • Has a waterproof polyester backing and is also windproof
  • Features a hidden zip pocket for extra storage

3. ZOMAKE Picnic Blanket Waterproof

Care for some time alone watching the sunset? Want to watch your little ones play at the park as you listen to some soft music, whatever it is you want to do outdoors, you will be inclined to carry this Zomake Picnic blanket with you. No water or moisture has a chance of passing through the bottom of this blanket to get to you.

Its design features three layers, including a polyester top layer, a soft sponge layer in the middle, and a PVC layer at the bottom. It can accommodate heavy people as well as very active kids; either way, it won’t tear or rip under pressure. It is super easy to clean either by hand or by machine.


  • Has a three-layer design featuring polyester top, sponge middle and a waterproof PVC bottom
  • Ideal for multiple outdoor events
  • Has a carry strap for easier maneuvering

4. XL Plush Fleece-Waterproof, Windproof

They say that it’s the little things that make those rare moments so special. Whoever said that must have used this XL Plush Fleece Waterproof blanket. This blanket is designed to accommodate most of your comfort needs both indoors and outdoors. See, it can work as a cover for when you want to stay warm during your outdoor camp. It can also work as a sleeping bag, or as protection for when there’s too much wind.

It is durable and completely waterproof. It measures 72 inches by 58 inches, which is big enough to accommodate a bunch of people. It is made to repel soda spills, food spills, dirt, dust and so on but this is not to say that it will never get dirty. If it does, you will be glad to realize that it is machine washable. Plus, it dries pretty fast.


  • Has a large size measuring 72 inches by 58 inches
  • Easily repels dirt and is machine washable
  • Durable design and ideal for multiple applications

5. Tuffo Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket

If you are looking for something simple, affordable yet made of high-quality materials, then the Tuffo Water resistant blanket is your best bet. It measures 13 inches wide which is big enough to fit a good number of people along with other things like food baskets. It is made of a polyester bottom and cotton top. Whatever outdoor occasion you have in mind, this blanket will serve you right. From camping, picnics, tailgating, backpacking to sporting events, you will always be sorted.


  • Made of cotton and polyester materials
  • Measures 3 inches thick and 13 inches wide
  • Is durable, lightweight and has a compact design

On those days when you are in the mood for some fresh air, step out of the ordinary. Carry some delicious food and snacks and one of the blankets featured above. The perfect recipe for a memorable time, one that you will never forget.

Things to consider before buying a picnic blanket

If you are looking to buy a picnic blanket, it is not just like when you are buying a blanket for your bedroom, or a weighted blanket. You need to consider some few things since picnic means you are going to spend your night outdoors and hence you need a blanket that is easy to travel with, and also one that is made for picnic purposes. In this regard, some of the few considerations to make include:

The weight of the blanket

of course, you will want to have a lightweight blanket that is easy to travel with. You need to choose a blanket that is not too bulky or heavy for matters of convenience when it comes to packing. You will need one that is also easy to fold or roll down into a compact size that is manageable.


The other thing should be the size of the blanket. The blanket that you choose should be large enough to accommodate your family. Also, it should be large enough so that it can accommodate the items on your pack since you would not want to keep your things on bare ground.

Color and style

Of course, this is a personal matter. Your taste for colors and style may differ with that of another person, therefore, you need to pick the right style and color that would match your taste and preference.


You should also identify the right type of material that would not disappoint when it is cold. The material should be one that is warm and soft to keep you and your family warm throughout your picnic period. It should be able to dry quickly when it gets in contact with water. In this case, you should look for the best waterproof blankets and, on the list, above, you have what you need to make the right choice.