Top 5 Best Weighted Blankets to Buy in 2021 Reviews

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There’s an endless list of reasons behind why sleep is an elusive habit for many out there. While conventional medicine remains a viable option, it is now emerging that weighted blankets are just as effective if not better! Today you might once and for all bid good riddance to sleeplessness with some of the highest quality blankets in the market. There are numerous benefits that you can reap from these wonderful heavy blankets. Read on to learn more about the top 5 best weighted blankets that are available on the market.

1. YnM quality weighted blanket

Warm and cozy is what everyone is looking for when they think of a new blanket. But does the same apply when you are dealing with weighted blankets? The standards here are higher. YnM weighted blanket has up to 7 layers. The blanket is made of 100% cotton fabric for the softest most natural feel. These layers are stuffed with glass beads and fiberfill to ensure the blanket is as thick and as heavy as required while simultaneously offering you optimum temperature control. These fillings are great for sensitive people because they are hypoallergenic and do not contain any harmful components.

Holding the blanket together is strong thread which subdivides the blanket into smaller square pockets. This helps promote easier and more efficient weight distribution. What’s more, you can enjoy increased durability. Wondering how you can clean this very heavy blanket? How much time do you need to wait before it is completely dry? This blanket is indeed machine washable and it dries pretty fast. It is advisable that you air dry it because the risk of damaging is less compared to when you opt for machine drying. Air drying has been proven effective in helping to preserve its durability and quality levels. Ideal for use both by adults and by kids for restful long hours of sleep. Remember to get the right size for your weight.


  • High quality, soft cotton fabric
  • 7 layer design
  • Glass beads and fiber fillers
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic,
  • Machine washable


  • Employs modern sewing technology for enhanced durability
  • There’s a total of eight loops along the edge of the blanket to help secure it in place
  • Has smaller pockets meant to help promote even weight distribution
  • Fast drying after cleaning


  • If a kid uses the wrong size blanket meant for an adult, for example, it may cause great discomfort and could pose danger to their health or well-being.

2. ZonLi premium cotton weighted blanket

Experts advise that in order to reap all the benefits of a weighted blanket, it is imperative to find a blanket that is the perfect size and weight for your body. As a standard, you should get a blanket that is at least 7% to 10% of your weight. This explains why ZonLi premium cotton weighted blankets come in up to 10 different sizes to accommodate different users. Here, you can easily find a weighted blanket suitable for each member of the family.

Having been made of natural cotton fabric, it is easy to see why this blanket remains the first choice for many. See cotton is a breathable material that helps cool you down on a warm/hot night or warm you up on a particularly cold night. Inside, you will find glass beads which are evenly distributed to hug each part of your body for the best sleep you have ever had. This blanket has earned itself a clean bill of health and quality. It is hypoallergenic and friendly to sensitive or easily irritated people.


  • Breathable natural cotton fabric
  • Glass beads help to enhance the blankets’ effectivity
  • Microfiber filling allows for even weight distribution
  • Durable, high quality
  • 7 layer modern design


  • There’s a wide array of colors and sizes of blankets to suit different users
  • Made out of cotton fabric which aids to promote breathability
  • Uses glass bead technology which is non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Presence of loops on strategic points of the blanket to secure the blanket


  • Too many layers used inside this blanket may lead to overheating

3. Amy Garden adult weighted blanket

Are you out of ideas on what to gift your loved one on their anniversary, during Christmas or other special occasion? One thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with a weighted blanket. The Amy Garden weighted blanket consists seven layers. Three top layers and three bottom layers are divided by a glass beads and microfiber layer. The fiber fillings are securely held together using strong thread carefully sewn through all the layers. The goal is to make sure that the glass beads stay in place and that they do not leak. In addition, the sewing design contributes significantly to how durable the blanket is and how beautiful it looks.

This blanket is sold with a separate cover. It is a good idea to overlook the extra cost and buy the cover along with blanket. In the long run, you will end up saving on water and energy costs because you don’t have to clean the whole blanket. Simply remove the outer cover, machine or hand wash it and hang it out to dry. In no time you have a dry cover and a crisp, clean and cozy blanket for an uninterrupted sleepy, restful, relaxing night.


  • Has a separate outer cover that protects the blanket from dirt and other external agents
  • Made of breathable cotton material
  • Has non-toxic, odorless, hypoallergenic glass beads stuffed inside for extra weight
  • Soft and cozy feel for uninterrupted sleep
  • Absorbs moisture to enhance comfort during sleep


  • Made of natural cotton material
  • Has an outer cover that is easy to wash, dries fast and protects the blanket from dirt
  • 7 layers for enhanced effectiveness and durability
  • Ideal even for highly sensitive people


  • You may have to incur a higher cost to purchase the outer cover of this weighted blanket if you want it to stay clean and last longer.

4. Degrees of comfort quality weighted blanket

Deep pressure stimulation is what mainly helps calm down a person experiencing sleep deprivation and lure them to sleep. Degrees of comfort is a blanket that looks to exploit this secret to ensure sleeplessness is eliminated. With the help of Nano-ceramic beads, this blanket comes in a variety of sizes to suit different types of users. Be it men, women or children everyone is sorted. Nano Ceramic beads are unlike other types of fillers. They help maintain quality and are friendly to people whose skin and respiratory system gets easily irritated.

This blanket has a unique sewing design that keeps the beads evenly distributed so that your body feels the same amount of pressure from head to toe. If you are pondering on whether this blanket can guarantee you value for your money, then ponder no more. The manufacturers of this blanket have gone ahead and included two covers. One cover is made out of cozy warm fleece material to keep you comfortable during cold winter weather. The second cover is made out of soft material crafted using CoolMax microfiber technology. This new technology helps to absorb and ventilate heat from your body during warm summer weather to keep you cool throughout the night.


  • Uses non-toxic, odorless, hypoallergenic Nano Ceramic beads to increase the blankets weight
  • Comes with two duvet covers to accommodate you during cold and warm weather
  • Beautiful modern sewing design to help keep the beads and the weight evenly distributed
  • Comes in different sizes to accommodate children above five years and adults
  • Customer satisfaction and high quality guarantee through vigorous research and customer feedback


  • Here you can get value for money by getting two duvet covers and a weighted blanket at average price
  • Use of Nano ceramic beads helps accommodate highly sensitive or allergic people
  • Two duvet covers, fleece material and CoolMax technology material for different weather, hot or cold
  • Increased durability and quality


  • The use of Nano-ceramic beads may render this weighted blanket significantly higher priced compared to other blankets.

 5. Luna best quality weighted blanket

Fatigue and sleeplessness have been linked to other serious health complications like hypertension and depression among numerous other problems. To a few, a weighted blanket is a normal accessory or a luxury item. To the greater majority, however, weighted blankets are a way of life and the real reason behind better quality of life. Of the countless amazing qualities this blanket has, Luna weighted blankets are made of 100% natural cotton. Placing just the right amount of weight on your body to stimulate the release of relaxing hormones responsible for getting you to sleep in the shortest amount of time possible.

This blanket may be heavy but it will not cause overheating. All this thanks to breathable cotton material. Are you prone to sneezing or getting skin rashes when you come into contact with certain types of materials or particles? If yes, then you can bank on this weighted blanket to have your back. See it contains glass beads, it is all weather friendly and is made of breathable non-toxic, hypoallergenic organic cotton. Each blanket comes fitted with eight loops to help keep the blanket in place at all times.


  • The use of modern sewing techniques allow for durability.
  • Smaller pockets mean better distribution of weight for restful hours of sleep
  • 100% organic cotton fabric
  • Ideal for both cold winter and warm summer weather
  • Glass beads make this blanket heavy enough and friendly to normal and extremely sensitive people


  • Made of cotton material
  • Machine washable
  • Contains non-toxic, hypoallergenic glass beads
  • Modern sewing techniques for enhanced weight distribution and durability


  • It may take longer than expected for this blanket to dry especially if you are air drying it.

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What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets as the name suggests are the kind of blankets that have been designed with an extra weight for the purposes of relieving the user from stress, and bringing about calmness. Weighted blankets are filled with glass beads or plastic pellets, and with different cotton fabrics.

How to choose the best weighted blanket

Choosing the best weighted blanket requires a better understanding of the design and other features that makes up the whole blanket. Some of the things to consider before buying one include the following:

  • Type of the material used

If you are buying a blanket for your kid, some of the considerations to make include the type of the fabric material used. You don’t want something that would cause overheating or suffocation. For the kids, it’s recommended to use cotton fabric weighted blankets or cotton blankets as compared to synthetic fabric blankets.

In this case, choosing the best weighted blanket based on the material used will depend on the purpose and who is going to use the blanket, whether adult or a kid.

  • Size and weight of the blanket

There are different sizes and weights of these blankets and when choosing one, you need to check the size and the weight to ensure that it is the right choice that you need. Some of the sizes that you can find on the market include queen, king, California king, and twin sizes among others.

In addition to that, choosing the right weight will depend on the age, and in the table below, you can check the right weight of weighed blanket that will suit your age. The table below shows the weighted blankets with different weights and the age that is suitable for each particular weight:

Body Weight (lbs.)Age estimate (years)Blanket weight(lbs.)
200 and above21 and above25
  • Design and texture

The design of the blanket is also an important thing that you ought to check prior to making your purchase. In this case, you need to look at the type of filling material, and the fabric used in making the blanket as it translates to the overall texture.

Different weighted blankets use different filling and the common ones are the glass beads type. We also have others filled with poly pellets, or other materials that would make them heavy.

  • Brand and price

The other thing that you need to check is the brand. Of course, you may have a preferred brand and some of the brands that produce the best weighted blankets include YnM, Restology, ZonLi, Miran, and Rocabi among others.