Effective Home Remedies for Dealing with Bed Bugs

bedbugs are tiny insects that feed normally on human blood. They are not known to cause any disease but can cause great discomfort and other psychological problems, even including insomnia.

You will agree with me that bedbugs are so disgusting that anything else. They will make you hate your bedroom, and every time you think about sleep, they come to your mind, complete with foul odor. If they have ever infested your bedroom before, you won’t want to hear about them again.

The worst thing about bedbugs is that they are highly contagious. I mean you can easily carry with your clothes, bag, or even inside the books.

Being the greatest cause of discomfort in bed, you need to ensure that you maintain the best practices to get rid of the same, or to ensure that they do not get a chance into your home. The worst thing again is that one can lay so many eggs and within no time, your home becomes the habitat if you are not extra careful.

What brings about bedbugs?

There’s a myth that bedbugs are caused by dirt and that simply is a complete fallacy. Bedbugs can easily be spread from one home to another as they hide in things like bed sheets, bags, clothes, and many more. Therefore, they saying that bedbugs come with dirt is a fallacy. Even sitting in a train infested with bedbugs is so dangerous since you can carry with your clothes.

DIY Remedies for Bedbugs

However, much bedbugs can be spread rapidly, taking the necessary treatment approach can help in eradicating the problem. Some of the important best practices to keep in eradicating bedbugs include the following:

Steam clean the infested area

You’ve got to identify the areas of your house where the bedbugs have infested. However, it would be advisable to ensure that you steam all the areas in your house; and that include your living room, bedroom, bathroom, storeroom, and bedroom among other places.

Remember, bedbugs can live anywhere even including the places where your pets reside and you need to ensure that you steam all the places to ensure that they have no space to escape.

Vacuum clean your space

Vacuuming will also ensure that there is no space left for them to survive. You need to vacuum all spaces including under the furniture, bed area, living room, and any other place in your house so that you can suck all the bedbugs including their babies.

Use alcohol

Alcohol kills in contact and you need to try this is perhaps this would be a convenient method for you. Once you have identified the bedbug infested areas, you can wash those areas with alcohol, and rest assured, all the bedbugs that would come in contact with alcohol will die instantly.

Wash your beddings and clothes

Sort your clothes and beddings so that you can wash them differently and ensure that you set your washing machine at high temperature settings so that all the bedbugs, babies, and eggs are destroyed.

Try the diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth has been tested and works well in destroying bedbug infestation. This is a natural powder with microscopic edges and when bedbugs go through the powder, they get destroyed. If you can get the powder, then you can try this. And for sure, you will emerge victorious.

Use beg bug mattress cover

Of course, there are bedbug mattress covers that have been made to deter or prevent bedbugs from getting into your mattress. In most cases, they are made for box spring mattresses but there are different designs that can suit any type of mattress. This method may not work for killing but for protecting your mattress from bedbug infestation.