Euro Top and Pillow Top Mattress Comparisons; Which is Better?

Asking which is better between euro top and pillow top mattresses? Stay tuned as we try to uncover their differences, and in the end, you will stay informed to make a better choice.

All that we need when it comes to bed is comfort. Then we need to get the best mattress and comparing the two has been made easy with this article.

What is Euro Top mattress?

This mattress has been designed such that there is no gap between the padding and the mattress. The padding is built into the mattress and not added on it.

What is Pillow Top mattress?

Is a type of mattress where the padding is sewn on top of the mattress. You can easily spot the gap between the padding and the mattress.

The similarities

Both the pillow top and euro top mattresses feature an extra layer of padding and both are comfortable. The comfort however may differ with time since each has got its lifespan as we will see later in this post.

The differences

Of course, we have just stated that the pillow top type pf mattress features an extra padding added on top of the mattress, and is easy to spot the padding on top of the mattress. The euro top type of mattress features padding built inside the mattress and you may not notice it easily on the edges.

Choosing between the two mattress types

When it comes to making a decision on which type to take home, we might hold different tastes and preferences. It might be a bit hard to make a choice here since they both offer same comfort, same padding size, and other similarities.

However, pillow top comes with one weakness where the padding sags after some time. This will affect the comfort that comes with it. That means if you want to get something that is a bit durable, euro top retains its shape longer and hence would be a preferred choice, if I were to make one!