How to Choose the Best Weighted Blanket

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Since there are so many brands and types of weighted blankets available on the market with different sizes, design, colors, material quality, and prices, there is a need to do some analysis to ensure that you are buying the right blanket that will not come to disappoint you. In this article, we are going to discuss how to choose a weighted blanket and by the end of it, you will be enlightened to make the right choice.

What is a weighted blanket?

Without any complication of the subject, weighted blankets are just like the normal blankets or throw blankets for that matter, but are designed with special features to suit a particular purpose. As the name puts, they are indeed weighty are made of hypoallergenic and non-toxic polypropylene pellets.

What to Consider before buying a weighted blanket:

  • Type of Materiel used;

Some blankets are made of cotton material while others are made of synthetic material. The best weighted blanket for sleep, especially for children, needs to be made of cotton fabric. The synthetic fabric may alternatively pose the risk of suffocation or overheating whereas cotton fabric is much safer for your little ones.

Note that weighted blankets can be made of different types of cotton fabric. For instance, woven cotton, corduroy, duck cloth, chenille, denim, soft flannel among others. Softer and thicker cotton is great for young ones while denser cotton such as textured corduroy makes for the best weighted blankets for adults.

  • The actual weight of the blanket;

Weighted blankets vary in weight. Some blankets weigh as little as 3 pounds while others weigh up to 25 pounds. A cooling weighted blanket, for example, may weigh much more than the standard weighted blanket. A common formula used to help identify the best blanket for you is a blanket whose weight is 10% of your body weight plus one pound.

It goes a long way to know exactly how to identify the best blanket which goes to further enhance one’s experience. A blanket that is too heavy on a child, for example, may aggravate a certain problem if it’s being used for therapeutic reasons.

  • Size of the weighted blanket

The normal non-weighted blanket is made to cover the entire bed, on the other hand, weighted blankets are made to only cover the person. This explains why size is a crucial factor to keep in mind when looking to purchase a weighted blanket.

A larger sized blanket may prove too heavy for a pet or a child because size and weight go hand in hand. A blanket whose size measures 36” by 48” and weighs 5 pounds is great for a toddler. You may find a blanket that measures the same 5 pounds but measures 42” by 54” which in this case is best for a teenager. See? The weight remains the same but the actual size is not the same.

  • The design of the blanket

Most weighted blankets have glass pellets, poly pellets, or other loose materials filled in to make them heavier. For this reason, the best weighted blanket for anxiety should have a sandwich like design. This design includes a top layer, fillers and a bottom layer with inner pattern seams to hold the layers together and outer seams which serve to seal the blanket.

Some weighted blankets designs, however, may fail to include the inner seams and only have the sealing seam or have inner seams without the outer seams. This often translates to a poor quality blanket whose distributed weight is uneven and a blanket that poses risk to the user in case loose fillers find their way out.

  • Is everything up to standard?

It may not instantly occur to a buyer to inquire about the particular filler materials used in a weighted blanket. While the outer layers of a blanket may meet your requirements, the filler materials may not be as safe.

All blankets should only use FDA approved materials, especially as fillers. As blankets are frequently used they eventually wear out and may even tear. Fillers such as plastic pellets may make their way out which may pose danger to little children and pets but if they are FDA approved, they won’t prove harmful.

Most blankets have tags containing information on all the materials used, carefully read this tag so that you are fully informed on what you are about to purchase.

  • Texture of the blanket

Of course, you cannot assume the texture since each of the blankets that you have on this list come with different textures. Are you looking for the soft, or a coarse type? Depending on the type of weighted blanket that you want, it is important to know your needs so that you can pick the right texture of the blanket that you would want to enjoy.

  • The brand of the blanket

Sometimes, brand do matter a lot when it comes to choosing the best weighted blanket. You need to be aware of the best and reputable brands that have been trusted to manufacture the best weighted blankets on the market.

That would save you a lot of time when it comes to selecting your choice among the long list of the blankets. Some of the reputable brands that have been trusted on the market to provide the best quality blankets of this kind include:

  • YnM brand
  • Restology
  • ZonLi
  • SensaCalm
  • Miran
  • Rocabi

What weight is recommendable for the best weighted blanket?

Perhaps you are in dilemma or a situation where you see all the weighted blankets as the best but for that matter, choosing the best weighted blanket requires that you understand or get the specs of the weighted blanket and mostly its weight.

Here, you need to get the type that is about 10% of your body weight. Therefore, if your weight is 100 pounds, you should choose a weighted blanket that is about 10 pounds of weight.

Does weighted blanket help someone to sleep?

Insomnia is a condition that affects a good number of people and is a condition where one finds it difficult to fall and to stay asleep. Therefore, our question here with the weighted blankets is to show you whether weighted blankets are really useful for helping people with insomnia.

Indeed, weighted blankets facilitates the release of serotonin and also decreases the activity in the nervous system. It thus provides a conducive calm environment hence helps a user to fall and to stay asleep.

What is inside a weighted blanket?

This is also like asking the question, what are the weighted blankets made of? Weighted blankets come in different material types and that include cotton fabric. The inside of the weighted blankets are made of poly pellets that makes the blankets weighty.

Weighted blankets also uses poly-fill materials and are non-toxic.

Are weighted blankets safe for the kids?

Yes, the weighted blankets have been designed both for the children and for the adults. What varies when it comes to selection is the weight of the blankets. For children, as in the table below, there are sizes that are made to suit the kids, and also in terms of their weight.

For example, 2-6 years age kids should use weighted blankets that does not exceed 5 lbs.

How to choose the best weighted blanket for your age

As mentioned, choosing the best weighted blanket is determined by the weight of the blanket and the years of an individual. In addition to that, the age and weight are factors that determines the weight of the blanket that you are going choose.

Therefore, here is a table that will show you the suitable weighted blanket as per your body weight:

Body Weight (lbs)Age estimate (years)Blanket weight(lbs)
200 and above21 and above25

Health benefits of weighted blankets

Does weighted blankets really help when it comes to health matters? Of course, there are different types of weighted blankets and each has been made for a particular purpose. Those purposes are then what the user benefits by using the same blanket. Some of the instances or conditions that necessities the need for weighted blanket include:


There are many people who suffer from anxiety and that can even lead to mental illness in extreme cases. One of the hopes is that anxiety can be treated and hence is not a permanent illness. You are aware that anxiety can also lead to difficulties in falling asleep.

According to the studies, most of the people who use weighted blankets; 63 % reported that they felt less anxiety than when they are not using the same blankets. Therefore, if you are suffering from anxiety and you need a relief, then the first solution is to get the best weighted blanket.


Just like anxiety which can get one into difficulties in falling asleep, insomnia is another condition that is even worse since you can’t fall or stay asleep. According to statistics, about 33% of adults in the United States are suffering from insomnia.

The deep touch pressure stimulation that the weighted blanket exerts on the person has the capacity to deal and reduce the cases of insomnia.

Some of the other heath areas where the weighted blanket can bring about relief include the following:

  • Sensory processing disorder
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • ADHD

You also need to know that weighted blankets have been designed with thoughtful mind to help different people who need different care and attention based on what they want to achieve. The weighted blankets are of great significance and just to mention, here are some of the other benefits of having the best weighted blanket:

  • Weighted blankets reduces anxiety.
  • Weighted blankets enhances sleep behaviors.
  • Weighted blankets calms the body and soul.
  • Weighted blankets helps in lowering the stress levels.

Therefore, if you are suffering from any of the conditions that we have mentioned, then you need to get yourself a relief and the first solution that you have is to get the best weighted blanket.

For sure, you will reap great benefits that you have never imagined.