How to Choose Between Hybrid Innerspring Vs Memory Foam Mattress

Shopping for a new mattress? Have you decided the type of mattress to go for? Of all the mattress varieties, the most common include the Hybrid innerspring mattress and the Memory foam mattress. In plain sight, the two mattresses look exactly the same. But if you lie on one, you’ll notice a huge difference.

So what separates one from the other? And how do you know which type of mattress will best serve your needs? Read on to find out.

  • Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

Inside a Hybrid innerspring Mattress, you will find both foam and spring layers hence the label ‘hybrid’. This type of mattress is very firm not only to the touch but also feels quite solid when you sleep on it. The Hybrid mattress doesn’t mould and contour your body but rather remains flat. This type of mattress is best when you want more balance, support, and you enjoy the bouncy feeling when turning.

  • Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress has several layers of viscoelastic foam, a spongy material that is very flexible and responsive to pressure. Memory foam is designed to conform to body heat and weight. This is why memory foam mattresses tend to sink in contouring your body only to slowly bounce back to their original position once you are no longer on your bed. Memory foam mattresses offer the best spinal support.

How to Choose Between the Two

Choose the Hybrid Innerspring mattress if you want a firm surface to lie on during sleep. A hybrid mattress has a top and bottom memory foam layer, and in between, you’ll find a different layer with many springs or coils. This is what makes this mattress more solid yet bouncier than other mattress varieties.

A Hybrid mattress is significantly more expensive compared to memory foam mattresses. Plus if you are sharing your bed with someone else, the hybrid mattress tends to be a tad bit more distractive to your partner. Especially when you toss and turn in bed

Memory foam Mattresses is best for you if you tend to snore a lot, if you have back, joint or alignment issues. Such mattresses are budget-friendly and are the most preferred for use by all age groups from kids to adults to senior citizens.

Generally, both mattresses are quite durable, can offer adequate support irrespective of whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, and can guarantee value for money. With the information here, you can now feel confident to identify which mattress feels the most natural and fit for you.

Don’t only look at what you like. Look also at what your body needs be they mental needs and physical needs.