Lull Mattress Review in 2021: Pros & Cons

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The lull mattress is a mattress from the Lull brand, which combines a memory foam layer with poly foam to create a balance of support and pressure relief. Lull mattress has a cover that is made from a blend of polyester that makes it durable. The mattress comprises three layers at the top to provide the comfort you need during your sleep. 

The three layers of lull mattress

The Comfort Layer

The layer is found beneath the cover. The comfort layer is made of 1.5”memory foam that is infused with gel. The comfort layer is usually low in responding to pressure, a feature that allows your body to sink and have a contouring feeling and relieves pressure.

The Transition Layer

It is a 1.5-inch foam that is made of polyester. Its firmness is a little low and therefore has a quick response to pressure compared to the comfort layer. The transition layer balances the softness of the memory foam. The balance created gives a combination of comfort and support to sleepers.

The Base Layer

It is a 7-inch high-density foam that is made of polyester. The base layer is firm compared to all other layers. It, therefore, provides structure and support for the entire mattress

Why Purchase Lull Mattress

The lull mattress is premium memory foam that will turn your nights into better mornings by delivering your life’s best sleep. Lull mattresses can be placed on any flat surface. The mattress works with or without a box spring. It is a mattress that has ten years warranty.

Lull mattress offers supreme support. It is three topped mattress that is firm enough to support your weight without sinking in.

It offers excellent rest for all types of sleepers. It allows different types of sleeping styles. It may be stomach, back, side, or a combination; a lull mattress will work for you.

Difference Between the Lull Mattress and the Traditional Memory Foam

Lull mattress stays cool compared to the traditional memory foams. Lull mattresses can transfer heat away from the body. Cooling is enabled by the presence of a breathable premium gel top layer, which absorbs heat from the body and there is therefore no overheating.

Lull mattress bounces back while the traditional memory mattress does not. The lull mattress does not sink in despite the weight of the body. Lull mattress does not make you feel like you are stuck. Lull mattress offers more excellent support as opposed to traditional memory mattresses. Lull mattress has 3 top layers that promote your health by aligning your spine.

The lull mattress is the best for your back since it is CertiPUR-US certified. It means that all the material used to manufacture the mattress is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic.

The Difference Between Lull Mattress and the Spring Mattress

Lull mattress relieves pressure as opposed to spring mattresses. Lull mattress reduces pains and aches in your body. Reassure is relieved by proper alignment of your muscles, which gives you a proper and comfortable sleep all night long.

Motion is well distributed in lull mattress as compared to spring mattresses. Lull mattress has springs that make it bounce back in case of motion; hence no motion is felt even if your partner shifts around.

The lull mattress is long-lasting as opposes to the spring mattress, which sags after prolonged use. The lull mattress does not sag. It is made of high-quality material that is strong and firm, providing support all along.


  • The lull mattress is made of high-quality material that makes it durable.
  • It offers pressure relief, body contouring, and sink, giving you a sound sleep all night long.
  • The mattress is considered the best for back sleepers. The reason being it offers a combination of spinal support and pressure relief.
  • It is the right choice for side sleepers. The comfort layer relieves the pressure around the shoulder and the hip. The second layer also maintains spinal alignment for side sleepers.


  • It does not offer enough support to stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers will have to look for firmer mattress because as they sleep, the hips are likely to sink into the bed.
  • It does not support heavier weights for those who weigh more than 250lbs, lull mattresses, and not support you fully. The mattress does not great support at the edge, and so the sleepers with massive weight. 

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