The difference between King and Queen size Mattress or Bed Explained

Well, the two sounds antonymous to each other, and if you are hearing it first time, you might thing it is something to do with being male or female, no! When we talk of queen size or king size mattress or bed, we refer to the dimensions or just the size.

Perhaps just to mention, you have heard of Twin, Twin XL, California King, Queen, and King beds or mattresses and maybe you get mixed up on what to choose for your bedroom. Now! All these are sizes that refer to bed or mattress dimensions and for this case, we are going to highlight and give you the exact dimensions for each type in a bid to bring about the difference.


In terms of dimensions, a queen size bed is a bit smaller as compared to the king size. The king size is a bit wide and hence larger than the queen. In this case, the queen mattress measures 80 x 60 inches while the king mattress or bed measures 80 x 76 inches.


If you need a larger sleeping area or space, definitely you will choose the king size mattress as opposed to the queen type. But if you are economizing on space and just need a bed for two people or less, then I would recommend you to go for queen size as you have seen in the dimensions.


If you are dealing with one particular brand, of course, the larger the size the more you will have to pay for it. That means a king size type will cost a bit more than the queen size type.

What is the right size of mattress or bed to buy?

This question is better answered by you since you have to take considerations of your budget, your room size, and the number of people that are going to use it. For a larger family, I would prefer the king size and for couple, I would go for the queen, that’s my case!